Why Teaching Never Leaves You – World Teachers’ Day

Wednesday October 5 marks World Teacher’s Day, a very special occasion celebrated in more than 100 countries worldwide. Having come to ClickView from teaching I can attest to what an extraordinary job teaching is and I can also vouch for the extraordinary work that teachers do every day.

Reflecting on my own time teaching I find myself thinking that the most rewarding parts of being in the classroom weren’t when those overly ambitious lesson plans actually worked (a rare occurrence), or when students did particularly well on an assessment or project, rewarding though these moments were. Continue reading “Why Teaching Never Leaves You – World Teachers’ Day”

What’s New in ClickView Online Version 5 – Interactive Videos and More

There’s been a lot going on recently at ClickView as our team busily prepared for the launch of ClickView v5. The good news is that the latest release is now available for all ClickView customers. As ClickView Online’s Head of Development, I wanted to provide a quick overview of the changes you will find when you now log into ClickView. Continue reading “What’s New in ClickView Online Version 5 – Interactive Videos and More”

Boost Student Outcomes through Targeted Teaching

When I was teaching one of the most frustrating aspects of planning for a class was ensuring I was targeting each lesson effectively, ensuring all students were able to grasp the content and express understanding despite the level they were at.

Checks for learning at the end of preceding classes would help, but they were undermined by the time-pressures to move along whether or not all students had grasped the lesson’s objective. Continue reading “Boost Student Outcomes through Targeted Teaching”